Net XP trade expos are uniquely designed to provide a platform for you to market your business and brand to a wide range of companies.

Our events are different as they're themed as a game themed hub; we want people to have fun whilst networking and promoting their firms.

Speakers to our tradeshow events are experts in online and offline marketing and advertising media from across the digital and printed realm.

The annual expo is an informative and valuable event for you, your company, and for your industry. Register today and have fun as you play!


Our events are a unique and fresh approach to business networking, and hold a range of benefits for those exhibiting for the first time as well as those who have been to many of our expos before. All of the days activities are based on a fun theme, breaking the ice and encouraging businesses alike to bond and build lasting relationships.


Net XP's dynamic and exciting networking methods ensure for a day that not only creates smiles, but creates contacts between businesses whilst enjoying a fun themed game styled business tradeshow. Our expos give you the perfect platform to showcase your products or services in the local region of Sussex.


Network Xpress is a successful business tradeshow and conferencing company which started out as a mini expo event in August in 2015. Created by Sonny Cutting of Sussex Pages, he developed the original concept to support growth for local companies with a new FUN style of networking which has seen great success so far.

Chichester Business Expo:

July 19th, 2018 – Chichester College, Chichester 

As with every event we hold, there is a game theme running throughout the day, and after how popular our billiards theme was last year, we’ve decided to do it once again! The West Sussex venue is our first time in the City, so we're excited by the prospect of meeting new businesses.

The business expos are an informative and invaluable event for you, a true insight into the power of networking and marketing, yet different in the way they encourage a relaxed, informal atmosphere.


Net XP Events 2018










Guest tickets are FREE. Register before 19th July 2018 to join us for this exclusive B2B event.


Amazing Keynote Speakers

A strong line up of engaging speakers is a major attraction to any networking event, and our keynote speakers are no exception. They've included Penina Shepherd, an a Award Winning Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author of The Freedom Revolution, Business Lawyer & Founder of Acumen Business Law, Neil Laughton, an Award Winning Entrepreneur and Business Coach, Emma Pearce, a Digital Marketing Expert and Kerry Kryiacou who's an Independent Business Adviser, Mentor and Business Coach for businesses across Sussex.



Sonny Cutting

Founder and MD of Net XP

Sonny Cutting

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Penina Shepherd

Managing Director of Acumen Business Law

Penina Shepherd

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Natalie Montagnani

Managing Director at Page Marketing

Natalie Montagnani

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Kevin Byrne

Investor and Property developer at Byrne Property Ltd

Kevin Byrne

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Thursday, 19th July, 2018 - Chichester College, Chichester - 'Chi Business Expo'.

1st Keynote Speaker
07:45AM - 08:15AM

Penina Shepherd
Managing Director of Acumen Business Law

Penina is an award winning entrepreneur, the author of the inspirational book The Freedom Revolution and founder of the innovative Law Firm Acumen Business Law

2nd Keynote Speaker
08:30AM - 09:00AM

Natalie Montagnani
Managing Director at Page Marketing
Marketing & Branding Strategist, Keynote Speaker and Business Mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

3rd Keynote Speaker
09.15AM - 09:45AM

Kevin Byrne
Investor and Property developer at Byrne Property Ltd

Kevin founded the Checkatrade concept in 1998 - Copied by many but exceeded by none; Checkatrade now employees around 235 team members and now generates around £2.7 billion a year for the 19,000+ trades and services that have put their trust in him to generate them more work and and a greater public profile

Business Expo: Official Opening

10:00AM - 3:00PM

The Chichester Business Expo is OPEN. As with every event we hold, there is a game theme running throughout the day, and after how popular our Billiards theme was last year, we’ve decided to do it again! The West Sussex venue is our first event in this location, so we're very excited to see it roll out.

Awards: The 'Customer Experience' Award and Closing Keynote
2:30PM - 3:00PM

Sonny will say a few words and talk to businesses about the Customer Experience Award and why we run it, how it came about and what the vision of Net XP is.

Net XP - Business Events with a Twist!


frequently asked questions

What is Net XP?

Net XP is a new style of event company with a games twist!

Is there a cost to exhibit?

Our stand spaces are very cost effective, starting from as little as £195 for a 2 x1 metre stand space.

Where are the expos held in Sussex?

Events for 2017 are held in locations of Uckfield, Crawley, Burgess Hill and Hastings. We are pleased to be able to offer free parking for the events.

Should I pre-register?

We recommend that you register in advance as this allows the event organisers to estimate how many visitors are planning to attend on the day.

What is the agenda for the expo?

The agenda for Net XP events is to have fun whilst networking. Our annual expo offers you access to 60+ exhibitors, seminars, and a game to win prizes.

What are the benefits of exhibiting?

Exhibitions enable you to meet the people that matter to your business in one place, including existing customers, prospects & suppliers.

Customer experience award?

On the day we reward two businesses for outstanding customer service by ringing up all the exhibitors with a 'Mystery shoppers' survey.

What makes Net XP unique?

Network Xpress is different as it offers a game theme at every event or conference. Exhibitors and guests can play games to win prizes.

Is the event free for guests?

The event is free for guests. Simply pre-register or turn up on the day and register on arrival for your VIP access card for the expo and casino.

What time does the event start?

The Tradeshow begins at 10:00am, but we also have the 'early bird' speakers conference from 7.45am - 9.45am for the opportunity to meet the speakes, exhibitors before the expo.

What is Sussex Pages?

Sussex Pages is the parent company of Network Xpress, it's the part of the business which runs all the marketing and PR for the shows / expos.

Who are the keynote speakers?

The opening keynote speakers for the event are Penina Shepherd, Natalie Montagnani and Kevin Byrne.

Net XP 2017

Welcome to the Booking Centre for the East Sussex Business Expo.
Venue: The East Sussex National, Uckfield.  Time: 10:00am - 3:00pm.


recent events

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    East Sussex Expo

    Business owners will have to brush up on their casino skills and work together to win prizes for the new style event & business expo. Guest speakers included Mick Dawson and Jonty Egginton

    01 Mar , 2018
  • Dec 14
    Hastings Conference

    Like a roadshow, our end of year event moves around Sussex and for 2017, Hastings will be our host. With three expos and one conference across Sussex, Net XP has grown throughout the year on its expansion.

    14 Dec , 2017
  • Aug 15
    History of Net XP

    On August 15th 2015, Sussex Pages hosted their first business conference, doubling up as a launch event for the brand. They had a number of businesses exhibiting from a range of industries from across Sussex.

    15 Aug , 2015
  • Mar 17
    Lewes Business Expo

    The Lewes Expo event attracted lots of local businesses from across Sussex and included keynote speaker, Lucy Wilkes of Total Social Agency. Guest Speakers included Claire Scott and Emma Pearce.

    17 Mar , 2016
  • Sep 07
    Mid Sussex Expo

    Fun and games expected at poker themed Business Expo in Burgess Hill with over 70 exhibitors, 6 guest speakers, special raffle prizes and an auctioned cake for charity. B2B innovation at its best.

    07 Sep , 2016
  • Chichester Expo 19th July 2018
    Thursday 10:00 AM - 15:00 PM
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